Monday, 26 September 2016

Dogs, village, and more walking pictures.

Blondina, Favi and Dashinka at play.
 Hill Climb. !
 Blondina and Dashinka waiting for me. !
 The village in 3 parts. Part 1
 Part 2.
 Part 3. Casa De La Realidad on the right.
The plateau above the village. Paraje Natural Karst en Yesso.
Just to show you that there is some life, though not much. !
 On the way down.
Doorway to the old grain mill, previously powered by water.
Just enough water in the river to "take a dip". !

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Dog Walking in the "desert". The "pack" are ready for action.

Off we go. !
 Down to the river or up the Irrigation Line. ?

Past the birth point of the Irrigation Line looking at the Carob tree. I look forward to posting a picture of a carpet of green which happens after rain.
 This is looking very like a desert. !
 Not a lot of life out here. !
 Without rain more trees will die. !
 The dogs like this area, sometimes they find a wild boar in the mountains.
 Looking back and yes, they did find a wild boar. I was too busy endeavouring to stop "the hunt", as the boars are bigger than the dogs and can inflict some nasty injuries, even death. I missed a good picture. ! The boar ran down into the valley on the right.
 I am now on the plateau above the village. You can see that even the Esparto Grass is dying. It is very dry up here and almost all of the Thyme plants are dead - totally dried out.
Coming up to the house. The Palm tree is self seeded. I have been watering it and watching it grow for 16 years. !
 OK Back home. Chill out terrace.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Dry conditions - olive trees - Honsa family - Rosie and a couple of doggie pics. !

A view over what was, years ago, an irrigated terrace.
This is an example of a dying "dry land" olive tree. We have now started watering these trees. Last year we had 43 mm of rain in September. This year we have had 43 mm in the last 10  months in other words ten times less water than last year.
 Shoe harvest. ?

Fidel (Castro) as he has a five pointed star on his chest - looking good.
 Isa, Errol's dog, also looking good.
Rosie doing her laundry using the Sunseed bicycle washing machine.
Silvie, Heinik and Joshua in the "Honsa and Silvie" garden.
More tomorrow. !

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day 7 - A great success. We find lots of roots.

Here we are, Wednesday - 7 days since we started cleaning the Irrigation Line.
Setting up for more pipe cleaning.
There are two pipes down this hole. We push the rods down both of them in case of blockages.
  There is one pipe running from the two pipes. It also seems clean.
 And a fourth pipe in here. Errol moved some root material from the end of the pipe.
 We then walked up the line to see how much water was entering the system. Not much. !
This is a very nice bit of ecological restoration, restored by creating a small waterfall at the top end of the pool and cleaning the algae and dead bio mass from the pool.
Back down the line again and I still think the water is being held back somewhere. Look at all this root material I found at the exit of the 3rd pipe tunnel. !. !
This is an excellent water level at the "crystal tank".

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

You Tube movie - From Under Our Feet

This is our first documentary which we made about 18 months ago. 

 From Under Our Feet

It is 15 minutes long. It describes what is happening to our water from under our feet. !

Monday, 19 September 2016

Checking and re-setting the Ram Pump.

The Ram Pump was not pumping water so Joe and I go down to see why it is not pumping water. ! Joe is looking at a small piece of plastic that came down the pipe.

The compression chamber is off and the valve looks good. Joe has lifted the rubber to expose the holes which allow the water to flow into the cylinder thus compressing the air to send the water up the tube.
 This picture shows the rubber lying flat. The valve is in perfect condition.
This display measures the pressure in bar of the water going up the pipe. We are measuring 4 bar. Very good. !
This is a "shot" of the Ram Pump reservoir showing a good overflow.
This picture shows the mid stroke and the complete sealing of the valve. Good work Joe. Joe built the pump on the island of Jersey, off the coast of England.
Finally Joe set the delivery to 5 liters a minute.

Day 5 - Irrigation Line work - Low levels and finally success.

This was the level at the crystal tank - really very low- the Ram Pump was working and not pumping water.
After 4 days of cleaning and optimising obviously we had missed something. No water for our watering point either.
This picture is showing the vegetation supported by the watering point.
Here we have a picture showing the feed pipe to the "coffin tank" running at half full.
The water level here seemed too high when taken in relativity to the rest of the line.
Under the water there are two pipes. One of those pipes was blocked with root material - about 20 kilos of material. !
On the other side of the two pipes we find this small area of open water. Below the water level is another pipe whose entrance was also covered in roots.
This is the actual flow that we are receiving from the tunnel in the mountain. This water is supplying the village through the Irrigation Line.
Here is Blondina with her right paw on the pipe which runs into the coffin tank. As you can see the pipe is now almost full.
Here is the measurement of water in the "crystal tank". With all the pipes and the ditch running at maximum flow there was a good 300 litres per minute running to the Ram Pump, even with this low level. 

This is good news. !